November’s Driver of the Month

A BIG Congratulation to Yellow Cab of Broward November’s Driver of the Month Arnost Tybil!

Originally from the Czech Republic, a picturesque country in Europe known for its castles and medieval buildings, this Yellow Cab of Broward Driver has had his own business with Yellow Cab as a driver for over thirty five years! Over the decades, driving for Yellow Cab of Broward has become “a way of life” for Mr. Tybil and his clients have become his family as was demonstrated by a late night call from one of his loyal patron’s wife (the Benjamins) who called after midnight. Mrs. Benjamin knew something was terribly wrong with her husband and called Arnost to come right away; he needed to be transported to the ER. The prognosis was a collapsed lung and when the hospital attendant inquired as to why she didn’t call an ambulance, Mrs. Benjamin replied that, “they were not able to afford it.” There are numerous stories where this caring, empathetic, giving driver has taken from his own pocket to provide meals for his returning riders. Mr. Tybil is the epitome of Yellow Cab’s Tag Line, “Where Every Ride Gives Back”.