December’s Driver of the Month

For the last month of the decade, Yellow Cab of Broward is celebrating is Mr. Eddie Henry.

While speaking to a childhood friend in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and sharing his desire to obtain stable income through a consistent career because in his country employment is excessively high, his compatriot suggested that he, “Come to Yellow Cab” which he did and has never looked back. With his typical upbeat personality Eddie exclaims, “Wow, time has flown!” Reflecting on his marriage of 22 years with wife Patricia, Eddie shares that having his own business at Yellow Cab of Broward has afforded him the opportunity to put two of his five children through college and the flexibility to pick his kids up from school and participate in their scholastic activities. He laments that his chosen business has also served the ability to reciprocate in ways that were offered to him that made his family’s life prosperous.

Yellow Cab of Broward has instituted a new Driver Training Program which, Eddie has become an intricate part of, that ensures a new driver spends time with the more experienced operators. This is one of the many ways that Yellow Cab is ensuring we “exceed our client’s expectations” on a daily basis. The program teaches exceptional customer relations, the use of the tablet as opposed to the dreaded meter which Yellow Cab dispensed of a year and a half ago, defensive driving, how to attract and retrieve a loyal client list, and other pertinent information. Having done such an outstanding job with this new initiative is one of the reasons Eddie Henry is our last Driver of the Month before a new decade!