Driver of the Month – November, 2016

One of the most incomparable aspects of Yellow Cab is our teamwork! Case in point; one of Yellow Cab’s most senior cab drivers (and there are many loyal people that have been with Yellow Cab for decades), Fanol Billy Taxi Driver #335 who has been a Yellow Cab Driver for over 20 years, and Gary Dorcelus, an overnight Customer Service Representative; yes, you will be HAPPY TO KNOW Yellow Cab has a 24 hour Client Services Department that assists our passengers and drivers, had an opportunity to help a grateful passenger this month.

Our client services department received a frantic call regarding a lost wallet with $400 in cash, debit and credit cards; an untenable situation while on vacation. Because all Yellow Cabs are supplied with GPS technology, Yellow Cab has access to track our vehicles at any time. Gary, being empathetic and understanding about our passenger’s angst, immediately set out to assess the destination address and Yellow Cab’s vehicle number. Determining it was Yellow Cab Taxi #335, Mr. Dorcelus contacted Billy Fanol (November’s Driver of the Month), and it was determined that the wallet had fallen on the floor of his cab! What makes Yellow Cab Drivers/Employees so special is, even at night after most everyone has gone home, Yellow Cab is still servicing our valuable passengers!

Yellow Cab, is not simply an APP although we have one (Ride Yellow), we have a family of employees waiting to exceed our client’s expectations 24/7. Congratulations Fanol Billy for being exceptional!