Driver of the Month – March

Yellow Cab of Broward Taxi #458 is driven by Ms. Ketty Jean. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Ms. Ketty reminds us that women have come “a long way”; a fact that is supported and encouraged by Yellow Cab of Broward County!

Ketty was born and raised in the fishing city of St. Louis Du Nord on the Coast of Haiti. Fond childhood memories of being surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, allow Ketty to live her passion of swimming and walking long our Broward Beaches when she is not dazzling clients with her service acumen.

Driving a large Sienna Toyota vehicle accommodates the riders Ketty typically transports from Port Everglades because her passengers bring large suitcases to shop and return their wares to the #3 port in the world! Most recently, a commuter called Yellow Cab of Broward’s 24 hour Lost and Found Department in hopes of retrieving a lost wallet. Our team instantly sent out a fleet message and Ms. Ketty pulled over to find the wallet on the floor of her Toyota. Without hesitation she went back to the hotel and returned the ever grateful passenger her wallet! That is how we “roll” at Yellow Cab of Broward. Congratulations, Ms. Jean!!