January’s Ambassador of Yellow Cab of Broward, otherwise known as the Driver of the Month, is Mr. Mohammad Almasri!

As a 20 year veteran of Yellow Cab of Broward, Mr. Almasri has enjoyed connecting with passengers and establishing relationships that are so much more than driver/commuter. Mr. Almasri fondly remembers a time when he witnessed a woman struggling on the side of 441; without hesitation, Mr. Almasri stopped, providing her with a jump and sending her on her way. The grateful woman offered him a generous tip, which he politely refused. As the day progressed, the story goes, the same woman’s vehicle stalled again. She immediately called 954-777-7777 and asked that the company contact Mr. Almasri, which they promptly did. He inquired where she was and made his way immediately to drive her and her kids safely home. Some may say the day provided our Yellow Cab of Broward driver an opportunity to go “over and above”, we say that this excellent service is our enterprise.

Mr. Almasri, you are the image that Yellow Cab strives for all of our passengers. Congratulations on a job well done!