Driver of the Month – February 2018

February’s Driver of the Month Mr. Evens Sandaire, has two children; two boys who are the love of his life. His hobbies include spending quality time with his kids and cooking, as he is a chef by trade, and enjoys making all types of dishes.┬áHe is originally from Port Prince Haiti and has been with Yellow Cab for two years. He exemplifies what customer service is to each customer he comes in contact with, as well as with his fellow drivers. We always receive taxi feedback or call in on him. Mr. Sandaire loves the interaction and helping passengers. He can recall picking up a passenger that had left a personal handbag as well as a brief case with a computer and important business documents in his car. He called DCR to make them aware if the passenger called to let them know that he had their belongings and that he would bring them to where they were located. The customer was very appreciative that their belongings were returned. In addition, another incident like this occurred with an elderly lady that Mr. Sandaire picked up from the Airport and transported to Bar Harbor. He was called by DCR and was asked if he had located a purse that had all of the customer’s personal information and all the money she had for her vacation, including her credit card and the gift she had for her 1st great grandchild. He then took it back to the customer who was so grateful and so overwhelmed with joy she offered to pay him, but he declined the offer and said to her that he just wanted to insure that she retrieved her belongings. Mr. Sandaire is a great example of a trustworthy and kind hearted driver that we are pleased to have here at Yellow Cab of Broward.