May’s SUPERSTAR Driver of the Month – Mr. Glassco Francis

Yellow Cab of Broward Drivers are NOT JUST drivers! Because of our driver’s keen sense of Client Service, frequently, they are entrusted to assist in Yellow Cab’s Marketing efforts in the community.  May’s Yellow Cab of the Month driver, Glassco Francis, is one such driver who consistently delivers “courtesy”. Known for his exceptional care, Glassco, who hails from Kitson Town (St. Catherine) Jamaica, has been transporting our loyal clientele for 15 years!

For those who may not know, Yellow Cab of Broward has a fleet of Accessible Vehicles and, of course, Glassco is a Specialty Driver in that fleet. It takes such a patient, kind, empathetic person to embrace this particular service for Yellow Cab of Broward, and Glassco has established himself as one of the people that inspires humanity.

If anyone is in need of accessible service, Yellow Cab of Broward has a different number one can call for service.  It is 954-565-2800. The RideYellow APP is not applicable for obtaining these types of vehicles and service. Yellow Cab of Broward believes that we have a responsibility to offer every person in our community the ability to ride with “Dignity” and “Respect” and that’s the type of service that Glassco Francis provides EVERY DAY. Congratulations, Glassco! An award earned and deserved.