June – Driver of the Month – Michael Bourdeau

Our June 2019 Yellow Cab of Broward Driver of the Month is barely four weeks into his tenure with us and is already making an extraordinary client service impression!

Yellow Cab of Broward provides transportation services through contracting with a company called Logisticare. Logisticare is the largest provider of non-emergency medical transportation programs for state government entities. We transport many, many clients of the Logisticare group and one patient, in particular, Ms. Rose Williams was fortunate to be have Mr. Bourdeau as a driver one early morning and upon return to her residence as well, where much to her chagrin, she noticed the gold & diamond watch which she wore to her appointment was no longer on her wrist when she went to remove it. Devastated, because this watch was given to her by her late husband and had so much sentimental value, she panicked and immediately called Yellow Cab of Broward’s Customer Service Department who indicated that Michael, indeed, had found the watch however, was not certain which rider had dropped the heirloom during the day. When the mystery was solved, Michael drove the watch back to Ms. Williams who was overjoyed and filled with gratitude!

Michael has a standing dinner invitation when time permits and a friend for life!