Driver of the Month – September

Driver behind The Wheel for September is Taxi 233 Harry Mattier.

Mr. Mattier is a Florida Native who has provided exceptional Yellow Cab service to Broward’s residents and visitors for over 30 years.

Recently, Lauren, a Yellow Cab patron shared her experience with Mr. Mattier. She had been shopping all day, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. She called 954-777-7777 for a ride home, and Mr. Mattier showed up driving his late model Toyota Prius. Lauren shared that Mr. Mattier’s cab “When Harry picked me up, his cab became a space of calm for my chaos. He listened to my emotional ranting and put me at ease with his compassion. He made my difficult moment easier to handle. He exceeded far beyond simply driving me from point A to Point B.  He authentically cares about his passenger’s well-being and is quite an extraordinary person.”

Mr. Mattier treats all passengers the same – with courtesy and respect. Broward County has undergone significant changes over the 30 years since Mr. Mattier began driving a Yellow Cab, but he approaches every day the same way he did three decades ago. Harry proclaims “He is still proud to offer safe, reliable service to his customers and if he can spread some happiness, then that’s a plus.”

When he is not in Taxi 233 he is spending time with his beautiful wife and family.