August – Driver of the Month

“Our attitude towards immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal. We have always believed it possible for men and women who start at the bottom to rise as far as the talent and energy allow. Neither race nor place of birth should affect their chances. ” Robert F. Kennedy

In May 1992 Mr. Josama Lisme & his wife had that same motivation & aspiration to leave their loved ones and beloved Homeland of Haiti for an opportunity where you can change your circumstances across the ocean.  Upon immigrating to the United States Mr. Lisme began his career as a Yellow Cab driver.

Driving a taxicab in the United States provides immigrants an opportunity to realize the ideals described by Robert Kennedy, and Yellow Cab’s Driver of the Month represents the embodiment of these ideals.  As Josama explains Yellow Cab gave him the chance to lead an extraordinary lifeboth professionally and personally. Josama states “As a father you always want more for your children I have taught my children to strive for more, while also educating them to give back to the community.”

Mr. Lisme’s five children paid attention to their parents.  He states that his career at Yellow Cab has allowed him to provide a college educations for all five.  One son, a physician, Wesley Lisme practices in Broward County.  Mr. Lisme’s daughters’ occupations include a registered nurse, a Ph.D. in pharmacology and a business lady involved in the import/export business.  His youngest is completing college and will, like his siblings, enter a profession that gives back to his parent’s adopted Country.

In 2001 attained the ultimate goal of many immigrants, he became a citizen of the United States.

Mr. Lisme has not forgotten his place of birth, and in in 2016 he and Dr. Lisme created a clinic for the residents of his hometown, Cap–Haitian.  The clinic provides the town’s residents with a full spectrum of health care, and not surprisingly, it includes pharmacy

Mr. Lisme is thankful for the all that his wife and he have been able to achieve in their adopted home, and are always looking for ways to inspire others. Hopefully his story will serve this purpose.

Yellow Cab is proud to have offered Mr. Lisme a career and is proud to call him its Driver of the Month.  Mr. Lisme drives taxi 278.